Short Course on Climate Change Risk and Resilience for Integrated Catchment Management in Lesotho

17 February 2023

WaterNet as part of ReNOKA, is running a short professional course on Climate Change Risk and Resilience for ICM in Lesotho. The course is targeting the natural resource management professionals that are based in the Upper Mohokare Catchment and Makhaleng Catchments. The aim of the course is mainly to equip these professionals with basic knowledge foundation for the upcoming Climate Risk and vulnerability Assessment (CRVA) which will soon be implemented in these two catchments. The professionals are from institutions such as government departments (range, Soil and Water Conservation, Forestry, Rural Water Supply, Livestock, Crops, Environment, Water Affairs), LHDA, Catchment Managers and Soil and Water Conservation Experts from ICM Coordination Unit (ICU) and Regional Technical Advisers (RTAs) from GIZ. Most of the participants are members of the Catchment Planning Units (CPU). The course is held in Mohale's Hoek at Hotel Mount Maluti, 14 - 17 March 2023.