WaterNet is a regional network of university departments and research and training institutes specialising in water. WaterNet member institutions have expertise in various aspects of water resources management and are based in Southern and East Africa.

The network builds regional institutional and human capacity in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) through training, education, research and outreach by harnessing the complementary strengths of member institutions in the region and elsewhere.

Policy makers, academics, practitioners from water and related sectors, and cooperating partners.

Applications are sent by email fax, or ordinary mail to the Waternet Secretariat in response to a call that is often sent in July. The address is:

WaterNet Secretariat
P O Box MP600
Mt Pleasant Harare, Zimbabwe
T: +263 4 333248  or 336725
F: +263-4-334051 or 336740

E: iwrm-masters@waternetonline.org
Web: www.waternetonline.org

There is a WaterNet Fellowship fund available to sponsor a limited number of students.

The Annual Symposium is often held at the end October.

Funding to attend the symposium is limited and Waternet members are prioritized.