Building capacity for water resources management in southern Africa

WaterNet is a regional network of university departments and research and training institutes specialising in water. The network aims to build regional institutional and human capacity in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) through training, education, research and outreach by harnessing the complementary strengths of member institutions in the region and elsewhere. WaterNet member institutions have expertise in various aspects of water resources management and are based in Southern and East Africa.

The key success of the WaterNet programme is the integration of the objectives, each reinforcing and complementing the other. WaterNet’s achievements include the establishment of a unique regional IWRM Masters programme hosted by seven member institutions, strengthening the water sector by delivering more than 378 masters graduates (42% women) through our regional Master in IWRM programme. Retention of alumni is excellent, with a recent tracer survey reporting that 95% of WaterNet alumni are currently working in Southern or East Africa, 57% for the same employer as before their Masters programme and 49% in permanent positions. A majority of alumni (40%) work in the state sector. WaterNet has also trained more than 737 water professionals (32% women) through 48 professional short courses, held 14 regional symposia and published 4 books and 14 journal special issues.

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