WaterNet is a membership organisation. In summary WaterNet governance and financial management functions as follows:

  1. The WaterNet Trust consists of members who are represented in the annual general meeting (AGM); which is the overall governing body of WaterNet.
  2. Periodically the AGM elects the Board of Trustees in accordance with specific election procedures.  The WaterNet Board of Trustees is accountable to the AGM, as specified in the Deed of Trust.
  3. Supporting members are invited by the Board of Trustees to provide an advisory and consultative role as specified in the Deed of Trust.  The Board of Trustees and Supporting Members together constitute the Management Board.
  4. Basket funding from multiple donors provide the financial resources for WaterNet’s activities.  The WaterNet Trust (represented by the Board of Trustees) is accountable to the donors as specified in the grant agreements.
  5. The staff of WaterNet has an employer-employee relationship with the WaterNet Trust, governed by employment contracts.
  6. The Secretariat executes and coordinates WaterNet activities through the members.
  7. Supporting members provide advice and support to the members in terms of governance and within activities.
  8. The Board of Trustees appoints Accounting Firm to provide tax advisory services.  The firm is accountable to the Board of Trustees.
  9. The Secretariat in liaison with the Accounting Firm carries out financial management services.
  10. The Trust appoints an Audit Firm accountable to the Trust and the Trust in turn to the Cooperating Partners. 

Please see  "Reports and Strategies" under downloads for insight in the implementation.


Board of Trustees

NAME Affiliation  COUNTRY
Dr Lapologang Magole (Chairperson)

University of Botswana’s Okavango Research Institute 

Prof Theresa Mkandawire Prof Mkandawire is an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering and Dean of Engineering, University of Malawi, the Polytechnic. Malawi
Prof Firmino Mucavele International Centre of Water Economics and Governance in Africa Mozambique
Dr Benjamin Mapani University of Namibia Namibia
Prof Masengo Ilunga  University of South Africa (UNISA) South Africa
Dr Richard Kimwaga University of Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Prof Graham Jewitt University of Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa
Ms Jennifer Muzamhindo Africa University Zimbabwe
Dr Hodson Makurira University of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 
Dr Jean-Marie Kileshye Onema (ex officio)  WaterNet Zimbabwe
Supporting Members
Prof Pieter van der Zaag  UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water education Netherlands
Mr Phera Ramoeli SADC Water Division Botswana
Mr Andrew Takawira Global Water Partnership Southern Africa South Africa
Dr Antje van Driel The Netherlands Embassy  Maputo
Eng Arno van Lieshout ITC, University of Twente Netherlands
Ms Joanna Fatch University of the Western Capech  South Africa