About the Masters Program

The flagship of the WaterNet programme, the Master in Integrated Water Resources Management programme, has now been running for nine consecutive years.

To date, the Programme has produced more than 400 Master graduates. The success of the Master programme is a demonstration of the good collaboration between the seven SADC universities that collaborate in the programme and our international partners, and the more than 70 WaterNet members, whose staff contribute to the teaching and curriculum development.

Given the capacity gap in water management in Southern and East Africa, regional collaboration is imperative. Smaller countries frequently do not have sufficient human resources in one or more areas of water science and management and several have only one university. In many countries there are several fields such as water economics or hydrology without highest level human resources. Even in larger countries with greater training capacity, there is still a skills shortage. As a regional network, WaterNet can harness the people, skills and potential of many countries, universities and other institutions, providing a broader, deeper and larger human resource base than any one country or university can call upon. A network is a complex system with emergent properties, “more than the sum of its parts”, as is shown by the regional Master programme.

2017-18 University of Dar Es Salaam Masters Class in IWRM