Vision and mission

The vision of WaterNet Alumni Association is to create a platform for members to engage and share knowledge

Our mission is to have a positive impact in the society by translating lessons, knowledge, experiences and expertise of alumni into actions at all level of integrated water resources management in Eastern and Southern Africa.

The WaterNet Alumni Association is an association of graduates of the regional Master of Science degree courses in Integrated Water Management (IWRM), Water Resources Engineering (WRE) and Water Resources Engineering Management (WREM), and who were supported by WaterNet funds at University of Dar es Salaam and University of Zimbabwe.  The Association whose memberships currently stands at over 200 alumni was on the 27th October 2009 accepted to WaterNet membership as a Supporting Member by the Annual General Meeting and we are proud  of our new role in WaterNet as we seek to promote WaterNet Alumni participation and involvement in WaterNet programmes, activities and building a vibrant, self-sustaining, stable Alumni Association