Achieving Sustainablity by Increasing Impact

12 December 2014

Adverse impacts of climate change are already evident across Africa and the world over. As climate change gathers pace, destruction caused by extreme weather is becoming more common. In sub-Saharan Africa, poor harvests caused by devastating droughts have serious consequences on rural livelihoods and especially impact the most vulnerable. To further compound the situation, Africa's bid to develop has seen an alarming rise in urban pollution and destruction of ecosystems. Thus the need for a co-ordinated development and management of water, land and related resources cannot be understated.

In response to the water resources management challenges afflicting the Sub- Saharan region, WaterNet, a regional capacity building network for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) was created in 1999. The network was born out of the desire of 18 knowledge institutes to strengthen their collaboration in order to address the capacity challenges faced in managing the water resources of Southern and East Africa. Since then, WaterNet has grown into an independent network organisation with 75 members (7 supporting members, 2 associate
members 66 general members) in 15 Southern and Eastern African countries. In 2011, the SADC Ministers of Water reviewed the success of the WaterNet capacity building programme and awarded WaterNet SADC subsidiary status in 2012.

The network continues to be instrumental in building careers of water sector professionals in the Southern and Eastern African Regions. Key to our mission is applying knowledge to solve water management challenges in the Southern and Eastern African regions.


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