Physics and Chemistry of the Earth Journal

26 January 2015

Papers that are presented at the WaterNet/WARFSA/GWP-SA Symposium are automatically invited for submission
for peer review and subsequent publication in the special issue of the Journal of Physics and Chemistry
of the Earth. Papers in the series of Special Issues of the journal are usually spread over the following
themes: Hydrology, Water & Environment, Water & Land, Water & Society, Water Supply & Sanitation and
Water Resources Management.

This Special Issue series from the annual WaterNet/WARFSA/GWP-SA symposia has continued to publish
high quality and relevant research mainly for the Eastern and Southern Africa regions. The growing interest
from authors beyond this region shows the recognition given to the wide range of IWRM research issues that
are contained in this journal. Obviously these contributions are playing a part to influence policy as evidenced
by the increase in momentum towards water sector reforms, particularly, in the SADC region.

Most papers in the JPCE deal with individual topics related to IWRM (e.g. drinking
water supply, hydrology, agriculture, etc.) and do not address more than two topics in a
paper, shows that even for scientists, the concept of integration and how to implement
this has not been fully embraced.

However it is noted with concern that the aspect of integration has not been coming out
clearly in almost all the papers submitted after previous symposia. Relatively few papers
have attempted to integrate the different aspects of IWRM. Thus the 15th Symposium
shall be used as a platform to encourage authors for next year's special issue to
tackle the issue of integrating the various components of IWRM at regional and national

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