How to become a member

  1. Admission Criteria

    In addition to the existing rules, the following points are recommended. An institution applying for membership shall be requested to submit the following information:

    1. Specify the proposed contribution to Waternet.
    2. Resources which the prospective member has to enable it to contribute to Waternet’s activities.
    3. A 3 year work plan showing how the prospective member will implement the proposed contributions.
    4. A supporting letter from the Head of the Institution.

  2. Rules for Continued Membership

    The procedures for continued membership or resignation from the network are outlined in the Deed of Trust. However, the Board may expel from the network any member that fails to fulfill WaterNet’s duties and obligations. The Secretariat will maintain a file for each member documenting the contributions that every member makes to Waternet. Each member shall be required to submit an annual report documenting its contributions/participation in Waternet.
    In case of inactive members the following procedures shall apply:

    1. In the event that a member has not either (i) submitted an annual report or (ii) paid its current subscription dues and arrears, the member shall be given a warning and shall not be eligible to accessing WaterNet symposium funds.
    2. If a member has not either submitted annual reports or paid its subscription dues and arrears for two consecutive years, the AGM shall suspend access to all funds and the member shall be suspended from Waternet with official communication going to the head of the institution.
    3. A suspended member shall lose voting rights.
    4. If a member has not submitted annual reports or paid its subscription dues and arrears for 3 consecutive years shall be expelled from Waternet.
    5. An expelled member may apply for re-admission after two years from the date of expulsion.

Click here to download the WaterNet Membership Application Form